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    Add a masking rule to TDM manually

    ivan kozhin New Member

      I need to add a rules to the TDM via oracle database, so i tryied to find all mentiones in TDM tables.

      I fount that information about rules situated in:







      and also a sequence

      5. ILM_SEQ_GEN


      But when i add a rule to the column by inserting it in TDM tables i see nothing in my project.

      Where i can find information about this?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          You should never mess around with the TDM tables yourself.

          You can always create masking rules on your own using ilmcmd, if memory serves me right. It's been a while since my last look at ilmcmd, but I am sure there was a way to create a rule using ilmcmd.

          Please consult the User Guide for TDM about ilmcmd and what it offers in this respect.




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            Tejaswi G New Member

            Hi Ivan,


            As updated by the Nico, The manual modification of the TDM repository may lead to the repository corruption.


            You can use imcmd for the exporting and import of the rules to the instance.But if you are on TDM 10.2HF2 or higher you can also use the restapi to assign the rules to projects and columns.


            Refer the below link for the the REST api guide.




            Thank you,