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    IN/OUT parameters

    Jaime Cano New Member

      Hi everybody,


      I need to move some data from a relational database (7 tables) to Salesforce. So I created a Mapping and into it I put in place some components:


      Source(Oracle) -> Router -> Expression1 -> Expression2 -> Target1 (Salesforce)

                                               -> Expression3 -> Target2 (Flat error file)


      The Source box executes a dynamic SQL query against Oracle. The query uses two IN/OUT parameters (fechaActualizacionInicial, fechaActualizacionFinal) to limit the results:


      WHERE AUT.FEACTUALIZACION >= TO_DATE('$$fechaActualizacionInicial','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')

                 AND AUT.FEACTUALIZACION < TO_DATE('$$fechaActualizacionFinal','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')


      The box Expression2 updates the pameters using expressions like these:





      I have seen the values of the parameters get updated in the mapping flow (I saved them into the target object). But when the Mapping is executed several times (using a Scheduled Mapping Task) the updated parameter values are not transfered to the next execution instance, it takes the default ones.


      I tried some workarounds but it does not work:





      For your help and time, thanks  a lot.