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    Multidomain MDM: Enabling TDE in SQL Server

    Priyanka Munshi New Member

      Is there any issues If TDE setting is enabled in MS SQL Server used for Multidomain MDM databases ?

      Does Informatica support this feature?


      The link to documentation of the feature is included for reference: Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

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          danantha Active Member

          It is best to open a support ticket to follow up with our Product management team.

          As per our PAM, TDE is supported with Oracle.  As far as I knowTDE is handled by the RDMS and should not matter to the client.

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            Pandiarajan B Guru

            For TDE support following conditions apply: 


            1. Customers implement TDE at the table space level only – TDE at the column level will not work with MDM and is not supported.


            2. Customers should raise a case in the normal manner. Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) will review the case to ensure the case is raised for a supported combination.


            3. GCS will work to reproduce the problem on an unencrypted database if there is an issue.  If it is not possible to reproduce the problem on an unencrypted database, Support will still call on the assistance of Engineering, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to provide a resolution for the problem.


            4. Due to the additional encryption/decryption requirements of Oracle TDE, Informatica recommends customers to assess the overall performance impact as part of their normal development process. Informatica might not be able to guarantee a resolution to any performance degradation that might occur due to enablement of Oracle TDE.


            5. This Support Statement should not be regarded as a precedent for working/using unsupported/non-certified OS/DB/Appserver combinations.

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