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    Linking related objects in Salesforce is not working in informatica cloud Data synchronization

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      I have three different objects in salesforce that I want to load data from a csv file using data synchronization task, Contact, Object B and Object C. The parent object of A and B is contact(master-detail relationship). I have created three different data synchronization tasks to load data into three objects. However, they do not seem to be linked in Salesforce upon data load.

      The external id on all three objects is concatenated result of Firstname + lastname + Email coming via source file and I have chosen the external id in the upsert field for all three tasks. I went to object B field mapping -> related objects -> under contact specified the External id I am using for contact. Repeated the same thing for Object C.

      I am loading contact first, then the other two objects in linear taskflow.

      These are the issues I am getting when I run those three tasks.

      Contacts loaded successfully

      Object B loaded successfully but its records are not linked to Contact in Salesforce.

      Object C errors out, because it is missing the required field 'CONTACT' which is a lookup field to contact on Object C in SF. So I added a lookup on that field under field mapping in informatica , to grab the Contact id using the external id field on contact, afterwards when I run the object C task, it throws me the following error Error received from salesforce.com. Fields []. Status code [INVALID_FIELD]. Message [Foreign key external ID: 003r000001tmpwwiar not found for field

      I noticed something. The lookup on the informatica returns 18 digit salesforce id and the contact lookup field on object C in salesforce is not accepting 18 digit id. Is it the case?

      I am not sure how else do I connect these related objects in salesforce using informatica cloud Data synchronization task.