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    How to pass Parameter value from One taskflow to a subtaskflow

    Deepsikha Barman New Member



      I am trying to pass a value to my Input Parameter from one task flow to a sub-task flow. But, in the data task of Sub-task flow, I cannot find my parameter in the Input field.


      Below are the description with Screen print about my code.


      1. Mapping: Trying to read a table, using source filter.


      2. Mapping Task: There is no parameter tab in Mapping task. I assume it is because i do not have any connection parameter. But is there a way to get the parameter tab in mapping task?


      3. Taskflow1 with Input Field Mapping_task_in. This Task flow will be the subtask flow in my main taskflow (Taskflow2, mentioned below)




      4. Data Task1: My main problem is here in the data task. I am not able to find my Parameter in the Input Field. (Note: Instead of input parameter, I tried using In-Out parameter as well, but same result, its not available in input field)


      5. Main task Flow, Task Flow 2, with Input field's content



      When I am running My job, I can see data mentioned in TaskFlow2 is available in the TaskFlow1 Input Field, But it is not passing on to the Data task(because I cannot find the parameter to assign).


      Does anyone else face similar issue? Is there something missing in my code.


      Can anyone please help me.


      Thanks in Advance!!