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    Why StoredProcedure gives NULL results in output?

    NIco Cornelisse Active Member



      • When I run next StoredProcedure in DBVsiualiser I get as result 1 record with 3 values and 1 NULL (see attachment).
      • EXEC [HUB_StagingIn].[dbo].[stp_DLV_GetDeliveryInfo] 'STIB_TOLEDGER_LBB_MS', '623175'
      • When I try to run it in a SQL transformation in a PWC-mapping I got :  NULL, NULL,NULL, NULL (see SessionLog attachment, sp-log.txt)
      • You can find the mapping attached. I use static input parameters, because before I tryed dynamic, buth that gave the same result: NULL, NULL,NULL, NULL
      • I also have tried a SP-transformation, but it doesn't work either.


      Does somebody know why the SQL transformation calling the SP gives  NULL, NULL,NULL, NULL as output.