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    Informatica 10.1 on AIX 7.1 and Oracle 12c as domain and repository database

    Sumit S Active Member



      We use informatica 10.1 HA on AIX7.1 and oracle 12c as rdbms for domain and repository database as installation is fresh. Both nodes have 32GB RAM. Issues keep on coming even after 2 years of operation. I searched for a list of known issues and solutions to fix them and any other unforeseen ones proactively. Is there any :

      1. Ready document with Specific changes required for AIX 7.1 parameters and their values

      2. Ready document with Specific changes required for Oracle 12c parameters and their values.


      Powercenter and powerexchange both are used. Powerexchange also used for oracle, db2 LUW, IBM iseries.


      Installation and configuration has some but not all values.


      Can someone please share some light on this?