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    Schedule Export using ExportScheduleProfile

    Ajikumar Murukan Active Member

      Trying to schedule an export using ExportScheduleProfile. Set the datasource using reportquery where passing all the items required for export. The schedule export is successful but getting an error while the export start processing the job. Max no. of 1000 items works fine; more than 1000 items is getting failed. Is there any limitation in no. of items passing the datasource as argument to ExportScheduleProfile?


      ExportRequest  exportRequest = restClient.createExportRequest();

      ExportSchedulingDataSource exportDataSource = new ExportSchedulingDataSource();

      ExportSchedulingProfile exportSchedulingProfile = new ExportSchedulingProfile(); 

      Map<String, ExportSchedulingDataSource> exportScheduleDS= new HashMap<String, ExportSchedulingDataSource>();

      HashMap<String, Object> exportVariables = new HashMap<String, Object>();




      ReportQuery reportQuery1 = new ReportQuery( "bySearch" ).addParameterValue( "query", "Article.Res_Text250_01 in ("+ ItemList +")" );    


      //Connect Report Query to Datasource



      //Set PDKList to Export Schedule object

      exportScheduleDS.put("Changed and new items", exportDataSource); 





      Internal technical error, export profile: '<ProfileName>', error: 'org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Invalid arguments were transferred while executing the query "Items for 'Article.Res_Text250_01 in (Item1, Item2, Item3...