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    Not able to extract the data from World Bank API from IDQ/Developer

    Dhinesh Kumar Seasoned Veteran

      Trying to invoke below URL using webservice consumer transformation and getting an error. I can able to view the result from Browser, SOAP & Postman. even i can able to extract the data using Powercenter, Not working in developer.


      URL: https://api.worldbank.org/v2/indicators?per_page=2



      <TASK_140114609022720-TRANSF_1_1_1> FINER: [REST_33039] HTTP Response Body: {"fault":{"faultstring":"Failed to execute the RegularExpressionProtection StepDefinition Regular-Expression-Protection-1. Reason: Premature end of document while parsing at line 1(possibly  around char 0)","detail":{"errorcode":"steps.regexprotection.ExecutionFailed"}}}