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    MDM Java Cleanse Function

    niti rawat Seasoned Veteran



      I have two BO tables- Party & child BO- Party Name

      Data is loaded in MDM via BES & is sent via a pipeline (payloads) wherein the sequence of the triggers/request is ideal i.e. not necessary that the Party record will  always come  before the child.


      Problem: Party has column called name not coming from source, Party_Name BO has columns- Name_typ and Name_Val

      Name_Typ has values like FirstNm, LastNm, OrgName

      Depending upon the type of Party- Individual or Org ( in Party BO) and the Name_typ in Party_Name BO, populate the Name_Val from Name_Party into Name into Party BO.


      If Party is an Indiv then concatenate the value form Name_Val column for FirstNm & LastNm from Name_typ column, for Org pick the value where Name_typ is OrgName.


      I tried to create an MDM graph function, but could not because two BO tables are being used, where we need to ensure that this is being done keeping in mind the same Party record and also that at a given time, it is not sure if both BO's will have the data in all the required columns.


      Appreciate the suggestions & solutions.