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    Populating a reference table

    Sheri Boerger New Member

      We are using IDQ and we would like to auto-populate a reference table for use in rules.  We would like the reference table to hold the values that are valid for a few dozen lookup tables that exist in our ERP system.  We could do a lookup transform and read from the ERP but we thought it would be nice to have those lookups staged in a reference table that we could refresh through a workflow, on demand or on a schedule. 


      Is this doable using IDQ?

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          Robert Whelan Guru

          This should be possible. All you need is a mapping which reads from the ERP system writing to your target table while will be used as the source of the Lookup.

          I would suggest creating the mapping target / Lookup table as an Unmanaged Reference table as this gives greater control. You will need to create the table and then import it as a data object and a reference table.