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    Slow Address Validation response for single address

    Patrick Lawler New Member



      I have a simple mapplet setup that takes in 1 address (address line 1, city, state, country, postal code) as an input, runs it through the address validation transformation (returns the above information, plus lat, long, and mailability score), and outputs it.  I have exposed this mapplet as a webservice.  My problem is that this takes 10-25 seconds to return a response.  I have tested this as part of a mapping and it takes just as long.  The MD files are stored locally on the informatica server.  Any advice how to get this response time down, prefereably subsecond?

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          Andre Kirsten Guru



          A sub-second response time won't be possible. The overhead associated with starting the mapplet is simply too great.


          You can try to cut down the time it takes by pre-loading as many reference databases as your system can handle (you will need a lot of RAM depending on the amount of countries you are pre-loading).


          You should move the application to a separate DIS in order to take advantage of DIS-wide optimizations in regards to the dtm-keep-alive settings that would otherwise negatively impact normal mappings.

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