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    Find associated resources - getAllConnAssignments

    vishwakumar Palamadai Guru



      Need some guidance on what reST API call i should use for the following requirement.


      I have the Powercenter Resource and it hows up lineage to otehr different source conenctiosn [servers] and target connections[Servers]


      Requirement: I need to provide an output with a list of all impacted servers for the given Powercenter Resource..



      Ex: Let us say i have a powercenter resource [ PwC-ABC] and this hasmappings that read and write data to the following 2 other resource conections, say ORA--SRC & ORA--TGT].


      My If i query the PWC--ABC for their impacted connections, I should get ORA--SRC & ORA--TGT



      I browsed and found "getAllConnAssignments". IS this the right API to USe? IF not what API(s) should i use to get the desired output?


      ANy suggestions welcome!!!