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    Multi-layer export template

    Wouter de Boer New Member

      Hi all,


      I need to create an export format template that has the following structure:


      • Structure group 1
        • Structure sub group 1.1
          • Structure sub sub-group 1.1.1
            • Product
              • Item
              • Item
            • Product
              • Item
              • Item
          • Structure sub sub group 1.1.2
            • Product
              • Item
              • Item
        • Structure sub group 1.2
          • Structure sub sub group 1.2.1
            • Etc.


      Since the Export format template only allows me to create 2 layers of modules, I am not able to create the above structure.


      I tried to work with sub modules and the Structure group.Parent group.Parent group principle but that did not gave me the wanted result.

      The problem with this principle is that I still can't loop correctly through all required structure groups.


      Can anyone share a possible solution or example template?

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          Ryan Jenson Seasoned Veteran

          Hello Wouter,


          Given a structure represented as such:

          You can produce a dynamic outcome, using non-flat files (.csv)

          The key is to not use any structure/group submodules, but to use the "Items of the Product" and "Product List" data sources. Some of the issues with using structure group names as tags is that you'd need to be very careful of escape characters and extra spaces.


          In .csv format you don't have to worry about proper tags but the results will not be 'reader friendly'. This is due to how PIM would handle the loop and create a new line for each related product.


          If you goal is to list out all structure nodes, all products, and all items (of products) on a single export - you might want to consider splitting the data into two separate files (product data vs. structure data).


          Attached are the two exports I created to help with the task. Try loading them into your PIM and see if they meet your needs.

          Hope this helps!

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            Wouter de Boer New Member

            Thank you Ryan.

            Very helpful