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    Hamza Lamtouni New Member

      Héy guys im new here and also new in informatica , so for some tutorials purpose i need the customers csv files but the problem is that i didnt find it (i need the customer file here theres a column "product_id" ) and of course i didnt find it in the srcFiles , can someone send it to me it ll help me

      Have a good day

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          Paolo Moretti Seasoned Veteran

          From your question it is not clear to me what exactly you are looking for. Could you please elaborate? Are you looking for some demo csv files that should come with Informatica installation? AFAIK there are no such files.

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            Pavan kumar Guru

            Hi Hamza Lamtouni,


            You find these files which are useful to learn Informatica in the below location:




            Please check.


            Thank you,


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              SaiShreya Nuguri Active Member



              If this question is still unanswered, I hope the following will help you.

              If the source is already imported into a mapping, you can look for the source file directory under session configurations:

              - Open Workflow Manager

              - Double-click the session

              - Under Mapping, click on Sources

              - "Source file directory" will point to the path.


              By default, the source file directory would be $PMSourceFileDir\.


              On the AdminConsole, for the Integration service associated to the workflow, under Processes, the value for $PMSourceFileDir\ and $PMRootDir can be found and if required, updated.