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    DX Event delay for xx minutes, then release individual event

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      We have a requirement for each individual DX event, if it meets a certain criterion, to delay that event for xx minutes and continue processing other DX events.  We need that delayed event to be eligible to be read again (no intervention) by the ETL workflow.  The DX delay processing all seems to work around groups or grouping of DX events and another triggering event or attribute of an event.  We simply want to defer some message for xx minutes (to give a back-end system time to do unrelated work), but we don't want to group or batch the messages.  Is there a native DX technique to accomplish this?


      We can write the JMS message to another queue and later write it back to our input queue, but we still need a way to handle that delay as 'idle' time.  Obviously this is intended to be all automated, no operator intervention, release, reprocess, etc.  Just kick out a message for xx minutes and get the same message (and EventID) back in the queue after that time period has elapsed.

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          Seems like you have a generic requirement for delay. Based on our experience, in such case what will be useful, is possibly to have a common pre-step to all event, where you can perform multiple functions. One of those, maybe the first one, will be applying a delay. Future ones may be to do virus checks or alike. 

          How to implement that: one way is to create a realtime or batch DX workflow (and corresponding PC workflow), DX Profile, and pass all event through it. in the profile configuration, you can add the delay rules you need, which will result in delay of the events as you requested.


          Let me know if this is clear. have any question (gal.garniek@partnerbo.co)




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