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    Get all Objects where Reference Attributes have values - EDC REST-API

    Thomas Knoefel New Member



      i want to use REST-API to get all Objects with the values of a Reference Attribute if a value is selected for that Object.

      I created a Reference Attribute which is based on a SubCategories in BG. This Attribute is related to two classes core.Schema and com.infa.ldm.relational.Schema and is searchable.


      First i did a search for all Related Attributes:




      This was showing me that the id of the Attribute is com.infa.appmodels.ldm.LDM_e84655cc_85be_4af4_86b7_71ce02f135c5


      What i was trying to do is to get a list of all related objects (which doesn't work). The list is empty:




      If the attribute is filled I need the Name of the Attribute and the value in addition to the related object.


      If this is working i should filter the list of related objects for one of the classes this Attribute belongs to.