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    B2B Data transformation or Sequelink?

    Rahul Thakur Seasoned Veteran

      Sequelink or B2B data transformation which is best to use Excel as source/Target in Informatica Power center?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Too complicated to give a short answer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

          B2B is an extremely powerful tool, yet sometimes support from Informatica seems to be not as fast as it should be (experience from 10 years of working with all sorts of customers and use cases). And you definitely need time to get accustomed to B2B DT. But once you've got a grip on it, it's an extremely versatile and powerful tool.


          SequeLink is easy to install and set up.


          If you are using PowerCenter on Unix/Linux AND the Excel files are located on a Windows machine (or a Windows share), then you can request a free(!) copy of SequeLink from Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS); this will enable you to connect to those Excel files.


          Beware that this information MAY be outdated by now. The last time I've talked to GCS about SequeLink is at least three years ago, so it MAY be that Informatica has changed this policy.

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            Venkata Sangani New Member

            Hi NIco,


            I believe I can get some help here.

            I am working on an EXCEL as a source. Created Data Processor Transformation and using preprocessor ExcelToXML to convert Excel data into XML. When I am trying to view the data in Data Viewer, source data is in unreadable format and unable to convert into XML with below errors:


            [FR_3085] ERROR: Row [1]: 311-th character is a null character, which is not allowed in a text input file

            [FR_3056] Error reading from file


            2020-03-27 10:18:48.042 <TASK_5398-READER_1_1_1> INFO: [FR_3113] The delimited file source [Read_VOID_CLAIMS_LOG_AZ_EXCEL] contains [212] NULL characters.

            2020-03-27 10:18:48.043 <TASK_5912-TRANSF_1_1_1> SEVERE: [pmudt_50005] Failed to process data: parse error: Syntax error while parsing 'ù'- for more information see file:///entapp/software/informatica/home10/powercenter10.2_HF2/DataTransformation/CMReports/Tmp/2020-03-27/_U-_-4-5e7e0b47-1a2019c/Events.cme

            2020-03-27 10:18:48.053 <TASK_5912-TRANSF_1_1_1> SEVERE: [pmudt_50005] Failed to process data: File /entapp/software/informatica/home10/powercenter10.2_HF2/DataTransformation/ServiceDB/DP_EXCEL_To_XML_j63qd/ÛßXR.7ñ)ý.{/ò2;Í©h6-§¨OžÏ³qO½.×þ&lt;S¿&amp;&gt;³›.ðQ..h¨À°oCp0Ž;¶ÚâMDq.^!b£2=ôÍ®æk...†[c.ÑÍôI]w.K/õa}~Ì&amp;b‚/ë0O…Ù.š

            £8Ã.“~~.¿S.cãl$e1ˆ˜.K,Lhñ&amp;..ó`¨güøzI3&gt;i.Sy&gt;c&amp;øþc.ø..EÕN¾xKJxyâ.Dëaæi†0…&lt;¶Mõ8.2O&amp;po.:l..s&lt;.&gt;..9Bƒ..“X¢›&amp;æw-®&lt;.x#@.@.&gt;...6yöSιÛj.àæò£U¬&lt;w²bd.m0Úbt6ñ.×..nO3k¾À¹&gt;#‘a/a doesn't exist or isn't readable- for more information see file:///entapp/software/informatica/home10/powercenter10.2_HF2/DataTransformation/CMReports/Tmp/2020-03-27/DP_EXCEL_To_XML_j63qd_U-_-5-5e7e0b47-1a2019c/Events.cme

            2020-03-27 10:18:48.055




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              Nico Heinze Guru

              Hi Venkat,


              First please don't hijack other threads, open a new thread instead.


              Second please move this question to the respective forum, the PowerCenter forum is probably not the right place (because this is a question related to B2B DT and to the Developer tool which is not used with PowerCenter).


              Third as of my experience from the past years I doubt that many people will respond on the B2B Data Transformation forum (there haven't been too many people responding there in the past years). So it MAY make more sense for you to open a service request right from the start.


              If anyone at INFA feels offended by my last remark, sorry to say that this is just my observation from the past years. I wish things were different, trust me.