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    WSDL of an IDQ cleanse gets refreshed successfully in MDM, but on testing fails with error

    niti rawat Seasoned Veteran

      Deployed an IDQ(BDM 10.2.0) rule as webservice, retrieved the WSDL and imported it as an IDQ cleanse rule in MDM(10.3 HF1).

      It gets refreshed with no error. But when we try to test the function in Hub it gives handshake failure error.


      Tried accessing the WSDL on browser, works just fine.

      The port for MDM(8095) on BDM server is already open.




      Found a KB: 577829 , which says this is a bug in 10.2 HF1, but since our BDM version is 10.2.0, not sure if the workaround is applicable.