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    MD5 Function is Failing while Comparing Source And Target fields

    Jagadish Mohan Gaglani Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Friends,


      I am trying to do MD5 Function on Chunk of fields , Of them One of fields in Source has a data type of VARCHAR(50) and The Target field has data type of decimal(18,2) . So while performing Validate on Designer ,The Expression Transformation is failing. To resolve this issue , I tried converting the Decimal value to TO_CHAR(decimal field). However , after doing the Conversion , the ETL is going and performing an Update Operation, Although there is no Update on Source side. So , I would be expect no Update being performed.

      But on Workflow Monitor , It shows Update applied rows as 1. I also tried to Convert on Source which is having a decimal value to TO_CHAR(decimal value) to keep both Source and Target in Synchronicity in terms of Conversion. This too did not handle. I have tried to search for a suitable solution but to no avail.


      Could you please suggest an alternative Solution.


      My Development Environment : INFA PC 10.2.1

      Source and Target DB : SQL Server 2017