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    Script of extract information of workflows Instances

    William S New Member

      Im trying to do a script / demon for to list all the ejecutions  launched around the day for one application. That is to say, for one application, to have a list of each workflow  Instances.


      For each workflow to extract the duration of execution , includying the time of each task or session mapping and spark process.


      The goal is to control the executions time.


      NameTypeID InstanceExecution Time
      infSparkApp Sparkxx50:50



      How is to posible to do this?



      Readying the documentation, i only could to list the active workflow name with the comand:


      /infacmd.sh wfs listActiveWorkflowInstances



      With infacmd is posible to Access the YARN Information?

      All the information showed in Administrator BDM when a workflow is launched , where is saved?