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    Cannot Login to mdm hub

    Andrea Pellegrini New Member



      i've installed mdm 10.3 hf2 on a websphere application server (AIX os) with jdk 1.8. Topology is a cluster of 1 node with dmgr. Database DB2.

      Post installation done manually because scripts fails while starting applications in the was.


      Now i've a error while i tried to download the siperian hub.


      [ERROR] com.delos.cmx.server.admin.AdminLoginImpl: SamAuthenticationException occured.

      com.siperian.sam.SamAuthenticationException: SIP-09070: Certificate is null for the given user or password provided is incorrect.

              at com.siperian.sam.common.SAManager.validateIdentityByCertificate(SAManager.java:448)

              at com.siperian.sam.common.SAManager.validateIdentityByCertificate(SAManager.java:432)

              at com.siperian.sam.common.SAManager.validateIdentity(SAManager.java:328)

              at com.delos.cmx.server.admin.AdminLoginImpl.loginUser(AdminLoginImpl.java:267)

              at com.delos.cmx.server.admin.AdminLoginImpl.loginUser(AdminLoginImpl.java:134)

              at com.delos.cmx.server.admin.AdminLoginImpl.loginUser(AdminLoginImpl.java:115)

              at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)


      can someone help me?