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    EDC-Powercenter resource

    Stephen McVeigh Active Member

      Hi Team,


      I am trying to load a Powercenter resource in EDC but when I click the Test Connection it gives an error that the connection information is invalid. I know the credentials are correct as I can log in to powercenter with these. Is there some configuration required for Powercenter resource that I have to set?

      Oracle resources are working fine.



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          Srinivas Pai Guru



          Powercenter uses pmrep internally to connect to be repository and extract the metadata.

          The pmrep client utilities are present under the <INFA_HOME>/services/CatalogServices/ScannerBinaries folder.

          You can validate the same from the LDM.log search for the string "PATH to pmrep" to find the location of utility.

          Once we find the same run the pmrep connect command to validate the connect standalone.

          The above should give us a confirmation on the parameters used.


          The common cases where these issues are seen are

          1) User credentials provided are incorrect

          2) Domain or service details provided are incorrect

          3) If the Powercenter domain is SSL enabled, the required env variables are not set

          4) The port on which the repository is running is not open over the network.





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            Stephen McVeigh Active Member

            Hi Srinivas,


            I have tried running the pmrep connect command but get the error:


            Failed to understand the response [] from server.....an unexpected token was encountered during deserialization

            Repository connection failed.

            Failed to execute connect.


            Could this be due to mismatching versions, is there any way to resolve this issue?




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              Stephen McVeigh Active Member

              In LDM.log -

              2020-01-13 15:34:03,814 - INFO  [MIMB-1578929643760-0:MIMBUtilityLogger@26] -  INFO MIMB_I0031     Path to PMREP = /opt/informatica/EDC_MDE_01/10.2.2/services/CatalogService/scanner_agents/PC_Client/10.2.0/pmrep

              2020-01-13 15:34:04,292 - INFO  [MIMB-1578929643760-0:MIMBUtilityLogger@26] -  ERROR BLIB_E0144 Failed to spawn process '/opt/informatica/EDC_MDE_01/10.2.2/services/CatalogService/scanner_agents/PC_Client/10.2.0/pmrep'. Error code=java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/opt/informatica/EDC_MDE_01/10.2.2/services/CatalogService/scanner_agents/PC_Client/10.2.0/pmrep" (in directory "/opt/informatica/EDC_MDE_01/10.2.2/services/CatalogService/scanner_agents/PC_Client/10.2.0"): error=2, No such file or directory. Message: Cannot run program "/opt/informatica/EDC_MDE_01/10.2.2/services/CatalogService/scanner_agents/PC_Client/10.2.0/pmrep" (in directory "/opt/informatica/EDC_MDE_01/10.2.2/services/CatalogService/scanner_agents/PC_Client/10.2.0"): error=2, No such file or directory


              Does this mean I need to update location of pmrep?

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                Darren Wrigley Guru

                check the $INFA_HOME/services/CatalogService/ScannerBinaries folder - it should have a file named PC_Client_1020.zip  (matching the version of PC that you are scanning).


                if that file is not there,  you will need to extract it from ScannerBinaries.zip into the ScannerBinaries folder and re-start the catalog service.

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                  Stephen McVeigh Active Member

                  Hi Darren, there is no PC_Client files in that folder, also in the scanner_agents folder there are no files in any of the directories. Where is the ScannerBinaries.zip located?




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                    Darren Wrigley Guru

                    ScannerBinaries.zip is usually included with the install links for EDC.  You can create a shipping request to get a download link.  when doing that, you should include the version of EDC that you are using.


                    after extracting/copying the files you need to the ScannerBinaries folder - after re-starting the catalog service, it will create the scanner_agents folder and extract each client version there.  these files are used for the test connect & the same .zip file(s) are copied to hdfs for executing the scan.


                    you won't need all of the contents of ScannerBinaries.zip - it is very large & has many versions of pc(pmrep) and infacmd