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    CreateXMLTagWithValue/Content and Question Marks in the Data

    Lauri Lode New Member



      as we know the question mark (?) is used as placeholder for the data in the CreateXMLTagWithValue and -Content export functions. We have a case where the data itself also contains question mark, which results in a short recursion: the string "Hello ? World" is printed in the export as "Hello Hello ? World World". We've tried to escape the question mark out by replacing it with "&quest:", but the closest we've got with the final results is "?", which is obviously not read correctly in the receiving system.


      Has anyone come up with the solution to efficiently use question marks along with these functions? The export template itself is huge and full of spaghetti, resulting in multiple nested encoding/decoding functions and thus e.g. IfNotEmptyThen et al. functions fail to encode other special characters correctly or will break the xml structure in the export.