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    How to get derivatives location on Media Manager / DB

    Vijay Eswaravaka New Member

      We have PIM 7.0 version running together with Media Manager 5.5.


      We have a situation where the Medias GUI shows that all the Derivatives are generated. But, some of the derivatives (physical images) are not in the location (path) that is being shown on Medias GUI.


      Is there a possibility to get the list of all the derivatives (for all images) via Media Manager rich client or via DB where the physical image for a derivative is not present in the location?


      And what could be the possible reason for the derivative, though shows as generated is not in the location where it is said to be stored?


      Anyone faced this situation?

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          Ralph81 Guru

          Hi Vijay,


          no there is not such function, the only one which you can try is in Medias Content Area, "Test the Medias area"


          That process can run a long time and it can be that Medias getting gray which can be expected. Keep it running.

          As you are still using a very old version (still EOL) it can be that this function is not working 100% as it was redesigned in Version 8.x


          About your possible reasons:


          1.) Someone copied the Database without moving the Fileserver so DB is no longer matching the Fileserver

          2.) Your workflow has a logic issue for example wrong error handling

          3.) someone deleted files on the Fileserver



          But that are only some which are coming to my mind.


          Did you run a System and Error Analyses via Administration? was it ok?


          What happens if you recreated the derivatives, does it match after it? If not you have to investigate here for example by checking the funcd.log and increase the log level to -v 20

          (keep in mind that also a big funcd.log can cause issues, there is a KB how to handle it https://kb.informatica.com/howto/6/Pages/_0/164228.aspx)


          Best Regards



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            Vijay Eswaravaka New Member

            Hi Ralph,


            Thanks for your reply.


            The reasons you mentioned earlier, related to FileServer migration, files deletion does not seem to be the case.

            Though the possible reason could be in the workflow, which I need to investigate further. Do you have any documentation on how this can be done?


            Regarding the Medias Content Area, "Test the Medias area", would there be any impacts on the system, if I execute this? As you mentioned, this possibly might not work as intended in the current version which we use.


            My idea then would be to fetch the Path(s) of all the derivatives in the system. Can you suggest the table(in DB) where this data is being saved?


            When I reprocess an image (which has a derivative missing), by physically reimporting the image file to the hotfolder, the derivatives gets created and matches with what is being shown on the Medias. I feel this also indicates that there is no issue with the workflow too. I might be wrong here.


            Best regards,


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              Ralph81 Guru

              Hi Vijay,


              that is why I asked to recreate the derivatives and here you can check the executed calls via funcd.log. With highest log level you will see all actions and you can also active the Workflow log in the pre settings.


              You have to be careful with the dialog and do not "upload" the data which is on Fileserver and not in DB automatically. If you don´t do it, it will only take same time and you will get a protocol at the end. But as mentioned before, there was a redesign so not sure how reliable that is in Version 5.5/7.1.


              As mentioned before, there is no Table where the Path is stored. There is no single string which you can find somewhere. It is a algorithm which is used which belongs to different variables.


              If the recreation works good and the derivatives are there after it, it looks more like there was an issue with the Fileserver for example during a migration.


              Are the images/derivatives attached to PIM? If yes there is also a Export function for UNC path of images/derivatives.


              Best Regards