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    Install ActiveVOS on an existing MDM installation

    Saurabh Shinkar New Member

      Hi Team,

      We want to configure Active VOS on our existing MDM application.

      As per the KB:501592,we need to reinstall the MDM along with AVOS and reuse the existing CMX_SYSTEM in the same INFAMDM/hub/server folder.

      Could you please explain this point on more details.

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          AKSHAYA RAVICHANDRAN Active Member

          This means that you will have to run/execute the hub_install.exe (which is under the mrmserver folder provided along with the installation of MDM).

          Go through the setup again and this time say "yes" to install activevos when it prompts for it and provide the path to the avos_server_9.xxx.zip folder and also provide the path where you want avos to be installed.  --> This will create an avos folder in the location provided. For more information, please see the installation guide chapter "Hub Server Installation" and within that  "Install ActiveVOS " sub-points.

          --Please make sure to use the same CMX_SYSTEM you used initially to install MDM or in your case the one that MDM currently uses.

          --Also, do not run the postinstallsetup automatically along with the installer. "No, I will run it later" will be the prompt for this.

          --Then continue with the remaining steps as per the KB.

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            kunal pandit Seasoned Veteran

            Also, please note that the ActiveVOS installer does not work on an existing folder of ActiveVOS, if there are any issues during installation and you re-run the installer, please provide a new ActiveVOS folder name, or you can remove the existing one.