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    Indirect Flat File Processing in TDM

    Shiney Abraham Seasoned Veteran


      I have to mask multiple flat files with same structure in TDM. While creating plan in TDM, there is an option for indirect input file type where multiple files with same structure can be masked in one go. By using this setting, I'm getting one masked output file for multiple source files. Is it possible to generate multiple output files for multiple input file without using Transaction Control transformation in PC?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Probably not.

          What should work is to set up a plan using parameters for the source and the target file name.

          Then create a batch file / shell script which first creates the parameter file and second (using ilmcmd, if memory serves me right) executes this plan with this parameter file.

          In other words: loop through the list of input files.




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