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    Use Informatica to pass Salesforce data into SQL server

    Jasiel Lora New Member

      Hi all,


      I'm a newbie to informatica and am familiar with connecting two salesforce orgs but very new to using it to connect Salesforce with SQL server.


      The use case here is my company uses SQL server to store some timesheet data for our clients. This timesheet data is found in Salesforce but there is currently no connection so it's currently manually entered into the timesheet portal that runs on SQL server.


      Is anyone able to point me in the right direction on how to get the connection started and how to map fields in Salesforce to the table data?


      Thank you!

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          cheryl hughes New Member

          We have data sync jobs that pull from sfdc into SQL.  Basically you have to setup a SQL server connection under administrator, connections.  Then create a data sync job to do mapping from SFDC (source) into SQL (target).  Then we create scheduled to run the job.  It in our case, it is a batch process.


          This question is under CAI (cloud application integration) which is for more real time processes. 


          Now originally we started this back 2012/2013 or so.  I think we had to have the network people do something so we could get to the SQL box initially but I have no idea on that part.  It has been some time ago.