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    Error in Load Job

    Sridhar Raju Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Team,


      We are currently using Informatica MDM Version 9.1.0

      While running the load job we are facing the following error and can you please suggest the next steps for further analysis.


      SIP-20811: Errcode: -28086, Errmsg : SIP-28086: Build BVT (load) error -
        SIP-28350: Error calling generate_bvt for C_PARTY - SIP-28241: Error creating BV1 working table for
        C_PARTY: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


      Found another KB article on the same lines but it was for some other issue.






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          Anuvinda Kulkarni Active Member

          Hi Sridhar,


          In the MDM database DEBUG log, do you see any other error, something like this, preceeding this error message (maybe even after):


          Autonomous SQL Error (-12801).SQLERRM is: ORA-12801:  error signaled in parallel query server P003 ORA-01652: unable to extend temp  segment by 128 in tablespace CM


          If you see something similar to this, then you need to increase the tablespace.