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    Error: Failed restore of Repository backup, value too large for column

    Fabian Binder New Member



      I am currently trying to duplicate the repository of one environment while following the instructions of 154897. So I can use the duplicated repository on a new host and upgrade it to version 10.2.

      Unfortunately I get an error while restoring the repository on my old server.

      ORA-12899: value too large for column "REPOSIT_NAME"."OPB_EXPRESSION"."EXPRESSION" (actual: 2040, maximum: 2000)

      After doing a little research, I was able to verify, that both the databases NLS-settings match the unix servers settings. So https://kb.informatica.com/solution/23/pages/63/517427.aspx didn't help to solve the issue. Does anybody else had this issue and could provide me help how to fix that problem?


      Plus after additional research in my repository, it seems like the problematic rows shouldn't even be in the repository anymore, because those expressions used to be used by mappings/maplets which don't exist anymore. Is there a kind of tool to clean up the repository to get rid of those rows?


      Please help in resolving this.

      Thanks in advance


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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Regarding the actual problem of the DB error message I can't tell off the top of my head, so I'll focus on clean-up procedures.

          I guess that the repository you're trying to copy has version control enabled (otherwise deleted objects would no longer exist in the repository and hence not in the backup file). Now one has to know that objects which are "deleted" from a versioned repository are not physically deleted; they are marked as "deleted", meaning they have a so-called "object status" of Deleted. When you use the repository manager, you can create a so-called repository query to search for such deleted objects; this can be handy in order to un-delete those objects.


          Now "deleted" objects in a versioned repository exist as long as they are not physically removed from the repository. This can be done by "purging" deleted objects. Please consult the Repository Guide for PowerCenter for details how to do this.


          You should purge all deleted versions from the original repository before trying to copy it via backup / restore.


          If that was too much information, please ask for clarification; I know that sometimes I'm "slightly" wordy.




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            Fabian Binder New Member

            Greetings Nico,


            thank you very much for your response. It took some time to double/triple check some things. The actual problem was still the DB error which I was able to fix today. The problem was a small typo, so the wrong DB-Schema was used, which had fortunately/unfortunately (depends how you want so see it) different NLS-Settings. So https://kb.informatica.com/solution/23/pages/63/517427.aspx was still the correct solution. Or in my case, using the intended schema.


            Nevertheless I'm going to purge the repository to get rid of those deleted objects. So thank you for the heads-up regarding the purging and the Repository Guide.


            And no worries about too much information, I prefer it like this instead of the other way around.


            Thank you for the assistance.

            Best regards,