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    Session running long time because of cache folder

    Washington Filho New Member


      I usually have this issue when my cache folder have many cache files while a session is running (with the most heavy sessions).


      We know the session is not running anymore becz its taking too long to finish and thats the message:

      "MSG=[Informatica][ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver]Socket closed".


      Then I stop the workflow, go to the cache folder and clean it by deleting all the cache files.

      I retart the workflow and it runs perfectly fine.


      Everytime I tried to restart the workflow without deleting the cache files I faced the same issue.


      Is there any approach I can do to fix this? Like incresing the cache folder size or some session's property to change for example?


      I made some research and perhaps the lookup transformations have something to do with this issue, but all the solutions wasnt for my specific case, so Im in doubt if changing the lookups properties would be the right solution for my specific problem.