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    Excel ODBC connection

    D Senapati New Member


      We are reading data from an excel source which is working fine.But it isn't reading new rows added to the worksheet.I tried deleting,adding,typing manually,it doesn't read the new rows.I deleted the old worksheet and inserted a new worksheet with just one data row.Now it doesn't read the worksheet at all.Is it compatibility issue?

      I'm guessing its a driver issue or excel version issue.


      INFA version 10.2.0


      Anyone has any suggestions?

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          Syed Aziz Guru

          Hello D Senapati,


          Are you reading from Excel source when the PowerCenter Integration Service is running on UNIX?  Then use an ODBC connection to SQL Server.




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            user101600 Guru

            Are you using a sequellink driver to read from Excel or another ODBC driver?

            What OS is the IS running on?
            Are you getting any errors?

            You can consider turning on ODBC tracing.

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              Shivanga Srinivas Bandaru Active Member



              If new rows are added to the excel spreadsheet, you need to re-define the name for these cells.

              Please ensure the following steps are implemented within the Excel file source.

              1. Select all the cells you plan to import into PowerCenter
              2. Right-click the selected cells and select Define name
              3. Provide a name of your preference

              Define Name for cells in excel sheet

              After making these changes, please make sure the DSN created in 64-bit ODBC Administrator on Windows OS where the excel sheet resides, points to the updated excel spreadsheet.

              Refer to KB 483664 for more information.

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