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    IICS App Integration process dropping incoming files?

    Chak Lai New Member

      I am new to IICS in general, and more specifically new to Application Integration.  I created a simple process.

      1. Process starts when a file lands in a particular directory, using a file connection.
      2. Process assigns various contents to several variables.
      3. Process posts entire content of incoming file to a REST API endpoint.
      4. Process write entire content of incoming file to a file with the same file to a different directory.  I.E. it moves the same file into a target folder.
      5. Process ends.


      Process runs successfully when a file is dropped into the monitored directory.  But if a SET of files is dropped into the monitored directory, only a subset of files gets processed and moved to the target directory.  Some incoming files are NOT processed.  Yet they no longer exist in the monitored directory; nor do they exist in the target directory.  In other words, they appear to be lost.  (If 10 files landed, only eight got processed.  The Application Integration Console also showed that the process ran eight times.)

      Changing the "Max Messages Per Poll" value of the File Connection Event Source from the default of 0 to 1 did not help.


      Any suggestion?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Chak Lai New Member

          It turned out that there was an orphaned (left over from earlier development activities) process that was "processing" files from the same directory.  This orphaned process had the same name as the desired process; but either the orphaned or the desired process had some kind of suffix to differentiate the two.

          Having unpublished (and subsequently deleted) the earlier object should have removed it from the environment.  Yet it was not deleted.  How this came about, and how to removed the undesirable object become a different issue.