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    CAI SAP App Connection Error

    Felipe Wheelock New Member

      Hi. I am working on a recent project in Cloud Application Integration.


      I just created a SAP BAPI App connection. When testing the connection it passes with no problem.


      But when I try to publish the connection to continue working it shows this error:



      After checking the Catalina Log in the Cloud Secure Agent Folder, it only shows this two error messages:

      21-Nov-2019 12:45:12.241 CST ERROR [DefaultWorkManager-WorkerThread-24] [AeException] [{}] - com.informatica.cloud.api.adapter.metadata.MetadataReadException: com.sap.conn.jco.AbapException: (126) NOT_FOUND: NOT_FOUND Message 300 of class DA type E, Par[1]: STRING


      21-Nov-2019 12:45:12.273 CST ERROR [DefaultWorkManager-WorkerThread-24] [AeException] [{}] - java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: the object parameter to marshal() is not marshallable


      Anyone has a solution for this issue?

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          Vinayak Bhusanur Seasoned Veteran

          Hi Felipe,


          The error "com.sap.conn.jco.AbapException: (126) NOT_FOUND" is specific to SAP side.


          The object you are trying to access is not accessible with the user-provided in the CAI connection. 

          Check the permission and try to access it from outside IICS with the credentials provided in the CAI connection.


          If you have not provided the object filter, provide the object filter which you are trying to use in CAI process