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    Scheduling REST based service in ActiveVOS

    Neha Gupta Active Member

      Hi All,


      I was trying to schedule a REST based service in ActiveVOS, after multiple attempts finally figured that we cannot schedule REST based services. However I did not find any documentation related to this issue.


      Could anyone please explain why we don't have this functionality in AVOS?



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          kunal pandit Seasoned Veteran

          It seems that you can schedule a process which only has a REST endpoint, you will need to write a SOAP wrapper to schedule the process -


          Below is the documentation around this -



          If the process is implemented using Process Developer and of BPEL type, follow either of the below steps:


          • -If the process implements a SOAP interface, enter the SOAP input message data contained within the SOAP Body Element, that is, the XML input message used to invoke the process. The data must conform to the WSDL interface of the process.
          • -If the process implements a REST interface, you first need to create a SOAP wrapper for the REST service. Then, follow the instructions above.

          If you use Process Designer to implement the process and the process is of the Informatica Process Definition (IPD) type, enter the JSON body of the POST message used to invoke the process.