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    MDM 9.7 upgrade from 9.1

    Jitendra Patil Active Member

      Hi Team,


      We have upgraded from MDM 9.1 to 9.7. We have lots of database user exit which has lot of customized code. As From MDM 9.7 version, Database User exit is not supported and we need to move the code to java. Currently due to some reasons we don't want to migrate the database user exit to java user exit. We search and found that if we enable(some properties needs to make as True in properties file) the backward compatibility then we can use the database user exit code. Also there is Stored Proc facade Utility Jar is used to  work these database user exits better. Can someone share how this MDMStoredProcFacede Utiltiy jar file works and how from where we can get it?


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