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    Help with API call for a post command with partial update only on verbose attr.

    Andre Blanchette New Member



      I am new to API calls,   I read informatica documentation I found but I do not know if this is even  feasible..


      trying to modify data integration mttask to only update the 'verbose : true' attribute to set it to false.


      I am able to update the attribute if I modify it by holding and repeating the full record with that one attribute modified but I would rather want to only modify the attribute itself .  could cause less damage if something goes wrong.


      for now,  I have the following using postman for my test

      Content-Type : application/json

      Accept :   application/json

      icSessionID  : .....this is correct one I put manually for now

      Update-Mode  : PARTIAL



      "@type": "mtTask",

      "parameters": [


      "@type": "mtTaskParameter",

      "name": "$NewSource$",

      "type": "EXTENDED_SOURCE",

      "verbose" : false





      Error I am getting.


      "@type": "error",


          "code": "APP_13434",

          "description": "Invalid Json in the request body.",

          "statusCode": 403


      Any help would be very useful.