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    How to read .QVD (qlik view data) format files as source in Powercenter 10.1.0

    Rajesh K New Member

      I have a requirement to read Qlik View Data (.QVD) format files which needs to be processed for our analysis work via Powercenter. I have few queries before starting. I could see there is a qlik connector available in Informatica. Is the plugin available for Powercenter 10.1.0 ? Also can we read qlik view files as source to extract the data ? Please let know if anyone has come across this scenario.

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          I'm not familiar with the QlikView system (or connector, for that matter) at all and I don't know the contents of the Informatica price book, but there is one general point to keep in mind.


          You always have to clearly distinguish between connectors which are available for PowerCenter, for the Informatica platform (including IDQ and B2B DT), and ICS / IICS.

          These three product lines are - with respect to connectors - almost completely independent of one another and almost completely incompatible with one another. Meaning that if a connector exists for the Informatica platform you can't use it in PowerCenter if the same PowerExchange does not exist for PowerCenter (such as JDBC).


          There's one big "but" to this (namely the explanation to the "almost" above):

          If there is a connector available for ICS / IICS but not for PowerCenter, then - from a technical point of view - you can (in almost all cases, see next section) use it with PowerCenter IF you have the so-called PowerExchange for Cloud Connectors licensed for PowerCenter (not 100% sure about the exact naming, please don't nail me down on this).

          That means: assuming there is no PowerExchange for QlikView for PowerCenter but there's an IICS adapter for Qlikview, you can use this connector if you have first licensed PowerExchange for Cloud Connectors and then buy a license for the QlikView connector for IICS.


          Two catches:


          1. as far as I know, not all ICS / IICS adapters did work with PowerExchange for Cloud Connectors in the past. As far as I have heard recently, this restriction has been remedied in 10.2, but honestly I don't know whether this restriction applied to 10.1 or not; your sales representative should be able to answer this question.


          2. Please talk to your INFA sales representative about the licensing for the IICS connectors. It MAY be (the persons I've talked to couldn't answer this) that you will have to purchase e.g. three 4-core licenses for Cloud Connector for QlickView if you have a PowerCenter PROD license for 12 CPU cores.


          Again, please take all this with a grain of salt and ask your INFA sales representative for details including technical details.




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            Rajesh K New Member

            Hi Nico,


            Firstly thank you very much for taking effort for explaining the issue in detail. I will discuss with our Infa admin team on the feasibility about this. Initial inputs from the team is there isn't any Qlik connector for Powercenter for now.


            I do have a question on the Qlik connector for ICS  as per their official details.


            Introduction to Qlik Connector


            It is mentioned that Qlik object types that you can include in Data Integration for Source as 'No'. Please find the image attached. What does that mean ?  Does it mean Qlik data can only be created as targets ? Could you please provide more insights on this.





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              Nico Heinze Guru

              My apologies, but that I can't answer. Please ask your Informatica sales representative, this is out of my knowledge.


              Regards and all the best,