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    Relevant fields for delta export - field information not visible after saving the data quality channel

    Margot Emmers Seasoned Veteran



      Current version used : Informatica MDM - Product 360 - Desktop Client®

      TEST  installed : Informatica MDM - Product 360 - Desktop Client®

      In both versions I did run in to the same issue.


      1. First step: creating a Data Quality Channel  to specify the relavant fields

      After selecting a field for instance

      - 'Structure assingments' - defined  'Structure system' - Brandstree

      - 'Short description' -  defined 4 languages

      Before saving the data qualtity Channel - defined relevant fields with specified criteria (Brandstree, Dutch,....)


      After saving the data quality Channel and reopen - defined relevant fields name without specified criteria

      Just by click on the relevant field - detailed information is knownIn previous versions this was no issue I remember


      2. Second step I activated the Data quality channel in the export template

      Data source : Changed and new items

      Channel : PIM-SAP-EB01

      After performing an export items that have no changes on any of these fields are contained.
      For instance : Item had only changes on Attribute level (Structure system : Eriks Group Taxonomy') , but was still contained in the export.
      No relevant field : structure assignments (Eriks Group Taxonomy) was defined!


      3. Changed the data quality channel  - removed the relevant field 'Structure assingment (Brandstree)'

      After performing a new export only those items were contained with changes on one of the specified relevant fields


      Could it be that this is a bug? Seems that relevant fields is not checking detailed set information.


      Thanks in advance for any input.

      Kind regards,

      Margot Emmers