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    Hello & Help!

    Samantha Blanchard New Member

      Hi all, my name is Samantha and I am currently temping at a company who uses Informatica to update their Salesforce. I an unforeseen turn of events, I am now the only person remaining in the department I was brought in to do admin support work for. I have a monthly usage upload that was built by users who are no longer with the company, and all the documents on how to refresh the mappings and troubleshoot are out of date...and now the task needs to be refreshed/mappings updated and I cannot seem to find the right tutorial to help me in the online directory.


      Does anyone know if Informatica has an online chat/help? I am pretty sure the fix is pretty simple/straightforward (refresh the field mappings for the Data Synchronization Task) but I can't seem to locate how to get started.