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    Serveral Issues at the Informatica Analyst

    Julian Milbradt New Member



      I am totally new at the MM and BG, so...


      we're using the MM to make Data-lineage analysis. Also, we want to create a Business Glossary for the first time to connect the data from the BG to the MM.

      • The first issue i get when i Login to the Informatica Analyst is that the "human Tasks are missing", see Appendix (it's on german)
      • The second issue is that i can't create a new Business Glossary. When i fill out the mandytory fields and click on save & Exit OR save & next

                the load screen is running and running...

                We looked into the logs from the Informatica Administrator Console and there are a lot of Errors for the Analyst, but we don't understand.

                Maybe it could be the KB489989 Issue. Therefore we probably need the Command Line Utilities?, but we're not sure..., see Appendix


      Could yout please help us, to solve this issues? If you need more Information, don't hestiate to contact me.


      (FYI: we upgraded out Informatica PowerCenter from 9.6.1 to 10.1 4 month ago.)




      Kind regards,

      Julian Milbradt