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    New to Address Validator - I4 Codes

    Aaron Ohl New Member



      I have installed and setup Address Validator and even when I select the "Standardize Invalid Addresses" option, I am still getting match codes with I4 that have obvious spelling mistakes.


      Examples below where everything is the same except the Address Line 1:


           1. 100 BLACK HILL RD

           2. 100 BLAKCHILL RD

           3. 100 BLACK HILL

           4. 100 BLACKHILL RD

           5. 100 BLACKHIL RD


      All of these have an I4 code and I was hoping for them to all be standardized to one address, something like 100 BLACKHILL RD (Option 4) instead of having 5 different unique addresses with spelling mistakes and spaces.


      Any ideas or suggestions?


      My settings are mostly default on the Address_Validator with the exception of only using batch mode and hard coding country code to US.


      Thank you!