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    Hello... new user, Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson New Member


      I am new to this User Group.  I have worked with Informatica Products for many years, and my expertise now is with the Data Engineering (ie Big Data) products.  Currently using Secure@Source, EDC, EDP, BDM, IDQ, MasterData as a Consultant here in Michigan for Ford Global Data, Insights & Analytics Group in Dearborn.


      Began as a PowerMart/PowerCenter developer.  Informatica Partner 1997-2017.  Worked as IPS 2005-2006 and was one of the leads here in the US for the launch of Data Profiling (IDE) and Data Quality (IDQ).


      My core skills are as an architect, designer and developer.  I look forward to meeting other local folks.


      Thank you,

      Scott Johnson