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    Supplier Portal Login Stalling

    Joe Griffith Active Member



      Recently we had our web server for the supplier portal in QA moved over to a new platform. We were told only the underlying IP address would change as well as the URL. The old URL is still used as an alias so technically that's not really a change.


      Since then we are seeing the following:


      1. When we go to the URL for the portal (pimportal-qa.cat.com) we have a very long load time:




      Typically it takes about 1 to 2 minutes to get to the login page. Once we log in we see another long load time:




      And the error we see in the hsx.log files after failure:

      error log


      I've checked that the hsx.properties file has the new URL and has https in it, same with the files on the supplier side. We talked with the SAML team and verified the certificate is correct. We talked with the web server team and the two servers are communicating.


      I feel like the issue is the stalling and that's why SAML fails, any ideas?