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    Issues with pmdtm process and workflows get blocked

    Ricardo Lopez New Member

      Hi All,


      Recently we have presented problems with workflows in different integration services,workflows get stuck without reading source or target when this happens we stop then abort the sessions and workflows,but the workflow remains in the status of "aborting" , this causes us to recycle or disable the service integration when this happens and days later or on the same day this same scenario happens with the other integration services or workflows remain in "waiting" status and do not run again until the windows service of informatica is restarted.


      When the windows service of informatica or turns off, I have detected that the pmdtm, pmcmd, pmrepagent processes are still in the task manager and it is not possible to terminate the process directly it sends a "denied access".


      I have administrator permissions inside the server and to finish these processes that remain active, it is decided to restart the server and then start windows service of informatica then repository services and finally intergration services and the workflows starts to execute without problems.


      When this scenario is presented the CPU utilizations it varies between 26 - 42 - 68 % and Memory usage it varies between 16-18-25-60 %


      We have:

      Informatica 9.6.1 Hotfix 1

      Server: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

      RAM: 128 GB usable

      Maximum Speed: 2.30 GHz

      Cores: 20

      Logical Processors: 40

      System type: 64 bit Operating System

      Metadata Installation: Microsoft SQL Server 2014

      No. of Repository Service: 7

      No. of Integration Services: 26