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    IBM DB2 scanner user id permissions:  questions regarding documentation

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      This question is in regard to the following documentation







      • SYSCAT.INDEXES and SYSCAT.TRIGGERS is listed twice throughout the documentation.   Should this be deleted?  Or should it be SYSSTAT versus SYSCAT catalog views for these 2 objects?  REF:  IBM Knowledge Center
      IBM Knowledge Center

      SYSCAT views are read-only catalog views that are found in the SYSCAT schema.

      SYSSTAT views are updatable catalog views that are found in the SYSSTAT schema. The updatable views contain statistical information that is used by the optimizer. The values in some columns in these views can be changed to test performance.

        are listed for IBM DB2; however, these views appears to be associated with z/OS. Do these requirements apply to IBM DB2 11.5 and DB2 for Linux UNIX and WIndows 10.5?


      • Documentation lists the following catalog views,
        which are for functions, methods, and procedures defined in Db2 Version 7.1 and earlier.
        Do these views still apply to IBM DB2 10.5 and up? 

      • Regarding the catalog view SYSCAT.VIEWDEP, should this view be replaced with SYSCAT.TABDEP, which is presently not in the documentation?  Should SYSCAT.TABDEP be included in the set of catalog view to which the user id has SELECT permissions?