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    HOW TO: Into the same Service Connector, Use bearer token obtained from an Action into an HTTP header of an other Action

    Laura Sorge New Member

      Hi to all,


      I have built a Service Connector with more action, to do different request to API of SAP.

      To do this, into the HTTP header of each action, I need to pass the Token (that I obtain from one of the Action of the service Connector) because it expires in 1 hour.


      Is there one way to resolve the issue?


      Below there is the Process built into ICAI, with the sequence of the call to the action

      In the yellow window, it possible to see how the action works correctly, but i need that it is filled up automatically at each run.


      I tried using this formula: util:base64Encode("bearer "|| $temp.token ) , but the response message is "Forbidden".


      Thank you