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    Date Field by Locale

    Emil Ahnstedt New Member

      As far as I understand it, dates are stored in the database in UTC, and is displayed in fields according to the locale of the running client.


      I want to define a specific date field in Product 360 to display date by UTC, without affecting the display of other date fields.


      For example, I want to have one date field "PublicationDateUTC" and also "PublicationDateLocal".


      The closest thing I've come to a solution is making a customization that returns a custom CellEditor for a particular field, which can dictate how to display the cell contents. However, this only works in the desktop UI, and I want this functionality in WebUI as well.

      Is perhaps creating a custom Timestamp class for the date field viable?

      Is there an easy way to do this that I'm missing?


      Any and all thought are appreciated!