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    Difference between IDQ and BDQ?

    Khushboo Mehta New Member


      We are in the process of learning BDQ. We have already learned IDQ. We want to know how is BDQ different then IDQ. What are additional features supported by BDQ in addition to the features supported by IDQ?

      Also, we are using the Analyst tool and Developer client for IDQ and BDQ.

      Please provide the compatible versions of Analyst with Developer client for performing BDQ features.




      Khushboo Mehta

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          Anusha P Active Member

          BDQ, is Big Data Quality. Where Big Data Quality provides the functionality to integrate, standardize, enhance, and cleanse data in a Hadoop-based Big Data Environment similar to IDQ in the native execution made (On DIS machine).  For BDQ also you would same tools such as Informatica developer, Analyst tool and Admin Console, however only the license for BDQ gets additional feature run IDQ jobs on Big Data Environment. Hope this answers your queries.

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            Khushboo Mehta New Member

            Hi Anusha,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I have a use case that we did for the Relational database (SQL/Oracle). For that, we used Informatica Analyst and developer client.

            Use case: Fetch the data from the relational database -> run profiling -> Create scorecard ->

            Developer -> Fetching the data -> run transformation rule - > creation of exception -> remediate the data -> workflow completion

            I was looking for some use case for Big data Quality. What new use case can we come up with BDQ features?

            We have already performed the above use case using the Hive database. Anything new that we can do using BDQ feature in our use case?





            Khushboo Mehta

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