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    In-Stream Masking from Mssql to Oracle or Oracle to Oracle in Test Data Manager

    Rabbani shaik New Member

      Iam performing the Mssql to Oracle  or oracle to oracle masking  in Test Data Manger.

      while doing the masking it showing errors like array out of bound exception or connection string is wrong for oracle.

      iam using the version 10.2.0 HF1 ,while doing the oracle connection in TDM tool in  tnsnames.ora oracle file connection string as below


      kao =

        (DESCRIPTION =

          (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = xxxxx)(PORT = 1521))

          (CONNECT_DATA =

            (SERVER = DEDICATED)

            (SERVICE_NAME = orcl)


      As per below link



      Iam taking the my connection string name as kao by following the same way as shown in the link but also it showing the error.Please find error screen shot attached below.



      Thank You.